Shillong, besides being the nearest big city approachable by road from Mizoram is not only a major educational centre but also the most important transit point for the entire Mizo population who cannot afford air travel via Kolkata. Moreover, many important government offices, such as the North Eastern Council, the ICAR, Eastern Air Command, NEEPCO, The Employees Provident Fund Organisation Office for NE region, and Auditor General’s Office etc are located in Shillong. Hence, the place is being constantly visited by a sizeable number of Mizoram Government Officials.  


   Owing to the demand for accommodation facility due to the factors cited above, Mizoram House, Shillong was initially set up in December, 1980 at a rented location at Cleve Colony, Shillong.  Subsequently, the Government of Mizoram purchased this same property in the year 2002.  


    The old Assam type building had only 4 (four) rooms.  Two new buildings had recently been constructed, which were inaugurated on 19th February 2011 by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Mizoram. One building is now used as the new Guest House while the other houses the staff quarters.


    The new building now has 2 (two) VVIP Suites, 4 (four) VIP suites and 9 (nine) ordinary rooms, 1 (one) common dining room and kitchen, 1 (one) VIP dining room and 1 (one) Meeting Hall. Mizoram House, Shillong now has a capacity of 36 beds excluding the dormitory which has 10 beds each male and female dormitories.  The building is equipped with 2 telephone landlines and one 16- station intercom system.  A ‘Wify’ wireless broadband internet system has also been installed, which can be accessed by the guests at anytime on request.  


    The House provides protocol and hospitality, logistic support and transit accommodation to visiting/touring VIPs, high dignitaries and government officials. Subject to availability, accommodation has been extended even to non-officials, medical patients, visiting sports/cultural contingents and students from Mizoram.  The house also functions as a rendezvous for meeting and other social gatherings for the Mizo community and Mizo students of Shillong.


    The office functions as an information centre for tourists intending to visit Mizoram.  It is also one of the entry points from which Temporary Inner Line Permit  can be obtained by outsiders seeking entry into Mizoram.


    It also liaises with various agencies of Government of India, Government of Meghalaya, and other State Government authorities located in Meghalaya on matters related with the affairs of the Government of Mizoram.