1. Inner Line Permit (Fresh & Renewal)

2. Arms Licence

3. Explosive Licence

4. Issuing Certificates : (Tribal/Residential/Income/Tax Exemption/Financial Soundness/Unemployment)

5. Disaster Management & Rehabilitation

6. Matters relating to land (Damage Compensation/Acquisition/Assesment/Fixation and Refixation of Fair Rent)

7. Election Branch(Conduct of Elections as prescribed by ECI & SEC/Revision of E.Roll/Issue of EPIC to all eligible voters.

8. MLA Fund.

9. MP Fund.

10. Administration of Law & Order(Exercise of Powers invested in Executive Magistrate for maintenance of public peace/prompt catching of criminals by Police/Expeditions & proper investigation of crimes).

11. Bio Metric Enrolment (Receipt of Application/Collection of Bio metric data and demographic data of resident/Updating data to CIDR data bank).

12.Right to Information.

13.MPSC Forms given when required.