Sl. No.

Service delivered by the office



Issue of Temporary ILP 

All required documents have to be furnished by applicants.


Provision of accommodation to officials of the Government of Mizoram, non-officials and medically referred patients from Mizoram.

Reservation has to be made before hand at GAD, Government of Mizoram.


Liaisoning Departments under Government of Mizoram with the Government of Meghalaya and other Central offices in Meghalaya

As per instruction and direction given by concerned Departments


Furnishing of information regarding Mizoram except classified, legal and administrative matters

In consonance with the provisions of RTI Act, 2005/ depending on the subject concerned.


Provision of necessary services  / guidance in crisis situation involving Mizo communities / welfare / students / individuals etc.

As the situation demands and in the interest of the Government of Mizoram under admissible rules.