SRDC has a vast development project, and schemes to this Area,viz- 


  1. Providing drinking water
  2. Improvement of lnter-village path including rudimentary suspension bridges
  3. Construction of Public toilets and bathrooms. Constructionof Improvement of  roads
  4. Water conservation and water harvesting.
  5. Construction of Water harvesting.
  6. Construction of  storage go-down.
  7. Construction of masonry,cemented steps/pavement,retaining walls drains.
  8. Emergency  work under natural calamity landslide,fire,drought etc.
  9. Provision for public playgound,public hall,sports infrastructures and equipments.
  10.  Construction of bus stop,market-shet.
  11.  Construction of public reading rooms, study room,village library.
  12. Construction/Improvement of approaches connecting graveyard.
  13. Construction/Repair of Anganwadis and creches centers.
  14. Afforestation.
  15. Construction and improvement of Public Parks
  16. Assistance to Health and Educational Institutions.