Before the creation of Lawngtlai District an administrative district named Chhimtuipui District was created on 01.09.1972 which was bounded on the north by Lunglei District ( now Lawngtlai District ), on the east and south by Burma ( now Myanmar ) and on the west by Bangladesh. The district comprises Saiha Sadar Subdivision and Lawngtlai and Chawngte Civil Subdivisions with Saiha as district headquarters. The district was divided into 4 (four) Rural Development Blocks namely – Lawngtlai, Tuipang, Chawngte and Sangau


            The District was bifurcated into 2 (two) districts such as Siaha District and Lawngtlai District in November, 1998. Siaha District comprises Siaha Sadar Subdivision and Tuipang Civil Subdivision created in 1998 with 2 (two) Rural Development Blocks namely Tipa R.D/. Block and Siaha R.D. Block.