As Guwahati has emerged as the capital city of the North East India, meeting, conferences, trainings etc. have been organized by various Ministry, Govt. of India several times. Official coming from Mizoram for the purposes were given accommodation and conveyance from this House as per their entitlement and restrictions prescribed by the Govt. from time to time. Apart from this, the Officers of this Office represent Govt. of Mizoram in meetings and conferences on being authorized by Government of Mizoram and also performs protocol duties by receiving, accompanying the VVIPs and VIPs and high dignitaries.

Temporary ILP not exceeding 7 (seven) days also issued from this office to all non-indigenous persons seeking entry into Mizoram and thus earning revenue for the Government.  


            This office also arrange for search and rescue of persons coming from Mizoram who get lost in the city of Guwahati and in the trains in co-operation and assistance of city police, railway authority and other NGO’s including medical necessities in case of death. The house also serves as the nucleus for all Mizo’s who are staying in Guwahati wherefrom all cultural activities are co-ordinate.