Deputy Commissioner represents the State Government in the District and caters to a wide range of public needs covering vast aspects which comes under the purview of government functionaries either directly or indirectly. Hence, the service provided by Deputy Commissioner Office Establishment is multiple in nature.

 The services provided to the public may be summarized under the following points : 

  1. Issue of certificates
    1. Delay Birth Certificate
    2. Tribal Certificate
    3. Residential Certificate
    4. Income Certificate
    5. Character Certificate
    6. Dependency Certificate
    7. Tax Exemption Certificate
    8. Religion Certificate 
  2. Issue and Renewal of Arm License
  3. Issue and Renewal of   ILP
  4. Issue of Silpaulin in connection with landslide 
  5. Sanction of Financial Relief and Assistance to NC Victims of various nature namely – landslide, earthquake, fire victims
  6. Issue of sanction under MLALADS, MPLADS
  7. Protocol duties in connection with observance of National Important Days and reception of touring VVIP/VIPs
  8. Preparation of Electoral Rolls/Periodical Roll Revision. (Election Branch)
  9. Conduct of Village Council Election. (Election Branch)                                       
  10. Conduct of Assembly/Parliamentary Election. (Election Branch)                   
  11. Coordination of various District Offices under one umbrella to ensure effective implementation of various projects and programmes
  12. Enrolment and issue of Aadhaar Card by E-District.