Mizoram House, Kolkata is one of the several Liaison Offices set up by the Government of Mizoram in various strategic cities across India to facilitate and extend various services to people travelling outside Mizoram.

Kolkata being the gateway to Mizoram and also closest cosmopolitan city has for many decades been major destination for the people of Mizoram for a number of reasons. Such being the case, Kolkata has 3 (three) Mizoram Houses (the most in number and capacity) at various locations.

The oldest one, Mizoram House, Ballygunge was set up in the year 1972. This old building has now been dismantled for reconstruction.

Mizoram House, Salt Lake was constructed during 1990 – 1994 and commissioned in the year 1994.

The latest one, Mizoram House, New Town was inaugurated on 15th May, 2015.