DC Office, Kolasib have 2 (two) Civil Sub-Division Offices, viz. SDO(C) Vairengte and SDO(C) Kawnpui and SDC Office, Bairabi. These 2 (two) Sub-Divisions are entrusted to work functions like:

  1. Issue of Residential Certificates, Tribal Certificates and Income Certificates within their respective jurisdictions.
  2. Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Matters: Civil Sub-Divisions as well as SDC, Bairabi are entrusted with disaster related matters. Silpauline are also provided to them as per demand made from their end for immediate relief whenever there are landslides or other disaster occurs.
  3. Monitoring MP/MLA-LADS is also entrusted to SDO(C) Offices under their respective jurisdictions.

The District have big projects taken up by the Central Govt. as well as the State Govt. i.e, N.E.F. Railway, FCI Food Storage Depot, Thermal Power Plant, ONGC Exploration Scheme at Meidum, Red Oil Palm Processing Plant and various agricultural and allied projects including WRC, are also activated within Kolasib District.

For upgradation of N.E.F. Railway stationed at Bairabi as Omega Point is now uplifted in the large extent upto Sairang via Hortoki and Kawnpui.

NH-306: 4-Lane is also now under process. Land Survey at different zones is almost completed. Some parts of construction of roads are under process for approval.

Presently, there are 81 Head of Offices within Kolasib District. All Offices function and there is cordial relation amongst all officers and offices.