About the Office of the Deputy Resident Commissioner.

            The Office of the Deputy Resident Commissioner, Government of Mizoram, Guwahati was established in 1980.


  • High standards of service for our clients and members of public who have an actual or potential interest in the working of our Office.
  • Sustainable excellence and transparency in formulation , discharging of duties and responsibilities dovetailing it with courtesy, promptness and reliability in its day to day functioning


  • Mizoram House, Guwahati is one of several Liaison Offices set up by the Government of Mizoram. The House liaises with various agencies including those of  different Department of the Government of Assam and other States Government located in the city and elsewhere across the State of Assam connected with the affairs of Government of Mizoram. The House provides transit accommodation, protocal and logistic support conveyance to touring VIPs and Official. Transit accommodation is also provided to non-officials, medical patients, students, cultural & sports contingent subject to availability of rooms. The House also functions as a Tourist Information Centre.
  • The Deputy Resident Commissioner, who is presently  the Head of Office & DDO, maintains Office and functions as the resident representative of the State Government in Guwahati.


  • The Deputy Resident Commissioner if empowered to issue Temporary Inner Line Permits to all non –indigenous persons seeking entry into Mizoram as per the relevant provisions of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act. Effective measures had been taken to attract tourist and distribute brochure to domestic tourist visiting Mizoram.

Foreign tourists  were, in the past, also required to obtain Restricted Area Permit(RAP)/Protected Area Permit(PAP)from the appropriate authority  to enter Mizoram. From 1st January,2011 and with the modifications of various chapters in the Visa Manuals by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India relaxation has been made enabling the foreigner to enter Mizoram  without RAP/PAP except the citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.  The new rules only insisted foreigners to register themselves at  the local Foreigners Registration Officer of the District they visited within 24 hours of their arrival. This is a temporary change in effect for one year and may be extended for a further period by the competent authority .


  • Maintain  and upkeep of the House and all properties & assets including machineries/appliance/fixtures and its fleet of vehicles.
  • Provision of transit accommodation, protocol and logistics support.
  • Liaison with agencies of other state, corporate sector etc.
  • Issue of Temporary Inner Line Permit.
  • Other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Government of Mizoram from time to time.


  • The House provides certain facilities to its guest as per entitlements and restriction prescribed by the Government of Mizoram from time to time.
  • Protocol and logistics support including accommodation to touring VIPs and Senior Officials  entitle to such facilities with active support of the Government of Assam in the Home Department and Security/Intelligence concerned.
  • Medical assistance through one Sister attached from Health Service Department, Govt. of Mizoram.
  • Transit accommodation for all  categories of guests, subject to availability and compliance with prescribed procedures for seeking such accommodation through General Administration Department
  • Food and beverages, Indian and Mizo cuisine, tea and coffee at nominal rates. Orders can be placed with the kitchen staff for special menu subject to availability of items required


  • All employees of Govt.of Mizoram and the general public  who wished to check-in in the Mizoram House Guwahati should submit application to the General Administration Department for reservation of such accommodation well in advance failing which accommodation shall be denied even when accommodation is available in the House.
  • Domestic tourists visiting Mizoram are require to obtain Inner Line Permit issued by the Deputy Resident Commissioner at Mizoram House, a permit fee of Rs 100/-  and cost of application form of Rs.20/- is realized from each applicant.