The VVIP and VIP rooms are named after prominent mounts of Mizoram as follows.


    Phawngpui - VVIP room. Double bedded with attached living room and dinning room

    Lengteng - VIP room. Double bedded with attached living room.

    Surtlang - VIP room. Double bedded.

    Tantlang - VIP room. Double bedded.

    Vapartlang - VIP room. Double bedded

    Chalfilh - VIP room. Two single beds.


The other remaining rooms are allotted room number as follows

            201 - Deluxe. Two single beds

            202 - Ordinary. Two single beds

            203 - Ordinary. Two single beds

            204 - Ordinary. Two single beds

            205 - Ordinary.  Four single beds

            206 - Ordinary Five single beds

            207 - Ordinary. Three single beds

            208 - Ordinary. Two single beds

            209 - Deluxe. Two single beds